6PCS NEW 18V 3.0Ah Li-Ion LXT Battery MAKITA 18V TO BHP458 BHP451 BTD146Z BL1830

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NEW 18V 3.0Ah Li-Ion LXT Battery MAKITA 18V TO BHP458 BHP451 BTD146Z BL1830

Battery is New, Never Used or Refurbished.

Powers entire LXT Lithium-Ion 18V line of Makita Tools

Charge with the DC18RA or DC18RC Charger (not included)

We will pack the item good with our own bubble bag and box.

Voltage 18V

Capacity 3.0Ah

Compatible Charger DC18RA

- Charge time 36min

Compatible Charger DC18RC

- Charge time 36min

Compatible Charger DC18SD

- Charge time 90min

Compatible Charger DC18SE

- Charge time 90min

Compatible Charger DC18SF

- Charge time 90min

12 months warranty

Compatible with

Makita BHP451, BHP451SFE, BDF451, BDF451Z, BDF452RFE, BTD140, BTD140SFE, BTD140Z
Makita BTW251, BSS501, BSS610, BSS610Z, BSS610SFE, BJR181, BJR181Z
Makita BJV180, BML184,BML185(FlashLight), BJS130, BDA350, BFS450, BHR202, BFR750
Makita BHP454, BTD141, BTDW251Z, BTP140, BTD141Z, BTD144Z
Makita BTD144, BTL063, BTL061, BTL063Z, BTL061Z, BHP452, BHR240, BHR240Z
Makita BDF452Z,BDF454Z,BFR450Z,BGA452Z,BHP452Z,BHP454Z,BHR202Z,BJR181Z,BJV180Z
Makita BSS610Z,BTD140Z,BTD142Z,BTD145Z,BTP140Z,BTW251Z,BTW450Z,BVR450Z
Makita BKP180Z,BGD800Z,BGD801Z,BVC350Z,BCF201Z,BCL180Z,BCS550Z,BDA351Z,BDF452Z,
Makita BFS450Z,BHP452Z,BJS130Z,BJS161Z,BPB180Z,BUB182Z BMR100



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